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What you can expect from the official Problem Hacking™ course from Yonatan Levy

You will learn not just to become a better problem-solver, but the art of leading effective problem-solving sessions, with confidence and success.

The Official Problem Hacking Course includes everything you need to start mastering problems in a matter of days...

  • Step-by-step guide to master problems at work, with personalized guidance from master trainer Yonatan Levy.

  • Real industry scenarios and hands-on exercises.

  • Use the Problem Hacking Canvas to tackle uncertain situations with ease.

  • Navigate the common pitfalls of traditional problem-solving methods with tools designed to develop effective solutions and worthwhile brainstorming sessions.

  • Lead teams towards effective problem-solving sessions, by using guiding questions.

  • Access ongoing assistance and support so that you can confidently apply Problem Hacking to your own work.

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