The mistake we make about creative work


The mistake we make about creative work, is that we do what we set out to do. Why is it a mistake? Because also machines can do the exact same thing — execute a configured task. Machines can even randomize actions, and consolidate an unexpected outcome.

If we don’t keep our human advantage by following serendipitous triggers that spark our curiosity, then what have we got left? There’s a great creative potential in trying things along the way that might not work.

There’s an immense power in *not* panicking in the face of uncertainty — because it’s an essential ingredient for a meaningful journey, not a by-product.

What about the result? It might turn out different than what we initially intended — but at least it’s special, it might touch people who will spread the word and tell their friends about it. Besides, the uncertain journey is where all the fun is.

So if we do what we set out to do, then why do it? Let’s emphasize our human touch , including the hesitations and imperfections in our work. Let’s not imitate a machine. Let’s turn our work into art. Because it’s not what we see that matters, it’s what we don’t see yet that makes a difference.


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