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UX Salon Conference 2018

UX Salon Conference 2018

Create impact and power through roadblocks with a revolutionary problem-solving method.

The ability to solve problems is high in demand. Many employers rate it as one of the most important skills they look for in job candidates. But, it is often not taught at all or not well enough.

Unfortunately, not many people realize this is a skill that can be practiced and improved. We need more professionals to learn how to solve problems in a creative, systematic, and effective way.

Yes, it is possible to become better problem solvers. And it is my mission to show you how.

“We get paid in direct proportion to the difficulty of the problems that we solve”
— Elon Musk

Hiring managers regularly identify problem solving as the Number One Missing Skill among recent grads. Following this trend, executives worldwide are the first to admit that their organizations are bad at problem diagnosis. This flaw results in significant losses, financially and energetically, to businesses of all sizes and scale.

In fact, effective problem solving is so scarce that Google instructed their managers to hire only those employees who could skilfully articulate and analyze problems —even if they did not perfectly fit the stated job requirements.

Problem-solving isn’t a soft skill —it’s the superpower any industry needs.

The pattern is clear: We tend to quickly switch into “Solution Mode” without first checking whether we understand the true nature of the original problem.

Problem Hacking™ is a revolutionary method designed to tackle this tendency. By teaching participants how to analyze problems, guide collaborative thinking efforts, and consolidate action plans, professionals of all backgrounds can better create the impact they desire.

Techstars Accelerator 2019

Techstars Accelerator 2019

Codemotion Conference 2019

Codemotion Conference 2019

The best part? It’s proven.

Elon Musk, Kevin Systrom, Amazon, Airbnb, and Apple have all used this approach for years. I’ve reverse-engineered their approach to develop a system that could be taught and applied to (almost) any problem, in any field, anywhere, at any time.

After two years of running Problem Hacking™ workshops, I’m pleased to say that it’s working. Hundreds of professionals have adopted the model to fit their own needs. 

In one of the cases, Problem Hacking™ helped turn a six-employee startup into a growing global company with millions of dollars in backing. Entrepreneurs, product and project managers, designers, marketers, and developers are now using this system to power through tough decisions and build solutions that work (Read directly from our students about their experiences).

Problem Hacking™ works. Will you be perfect? No. Will you do better? You bet! Here’s how you can get you training:

  1. Coaching: We coach managers and product leaders worldwide on how to lead collaborative problem-solving efforts to create the impact they want. Inquire about coaching sessions >

  2. Live Workshops: We host live workshops worldwide. Through hands-on exercises and guided discussions, participants get the help and feedback they need to implement learned principles within their own projects. Get notified on upcoming workshops >

  3. Online course: Learn Problem Hacking™ at your own pace, Our online course is hands-on and practical. Have a look at our course curriculum >

I want to make sure you’re solving problems and working through decisions as effectively as you can be. I’d love to help.


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