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Not just a book.
A new way of thinking.

How do you see the world?

Is your work creating the impact you want?

Renew your spark for innovation with The Other Ideas. There isn’t space for the mundane anymore.

The Other Ideas  has topped Amazon’s bestseller charts in Creativity category.

The Other Ideas has topped Amazon’s bestseller charts in Creativity category.


Reader feedback and praise

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If more professionals were to apply the methods that Yonatan presents, we would be surrounded by more products of inspiration and value.
— Lior Yair, Co-founder @create
The Other Ideas is an inspiring book which not only addresses daily dilemmas and situations but provides tools to deal with them. I highly recommend it for any product or design professional.
— Yael Altshuler, Product Manager @Optimax Eyewear
Yonatan leads the reader through his own rich experience, and shows how people can develop creativity as a skill. The book is mind expanding for anyone who is interested in discovering new ways to use the remaining 99% of our brains, and is relevant to thinkers and doers in multiple fields.
— Or Har-Even, Clinical psychologist
After reading Yonatan’s book, I had a keen new perspective on how to overcome obstacles. It taught me how uncertainty can be a huge opportunity for invention and change. Yonatan also explains how to apply powerful strategies to difficult situations we all face at work as tech professionals.
Reading The Other Ideas opened my mind to wonderful, surprising, and practical methodologies for taking creative thinking to the next level.
— Elad Gov-Ari, Product manager @taboola
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This book is a must read for entrepreneurs, product managers and C-Suite managers. I read the book at a time when I needed inspiration and was looking for a product manager to hire for my company. I have learned a lot on which type of a person I should look for.
— Gabi Broitman, VP Commerce @Colu

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Art, Digital Products and the Creative Mind

This is a book for individuals who want to thrive in uncertain conditions and use creative thinking to gain competitive advantage.


The Other Ideas isn’t a rehashing of industry standards or age-old advice. The pages in this book come from Yonatan’s experiences as an industry professional. Join our worldwide discussion on accelerating personal ingenuity and learn how to incubate innovation within the ever-changing landscape in which we live.



What’s inside

✔ Tools and techniques to thrive in uncertain situations and harness change for good

✔ Proven methods to convert tension and stress into inventive power

✔ Ways to infuse daily habits with art

✔ Twenty four original illustrations by the author

✔ Strategies to reframe obstacles as inspiration for better creative thinking

What makes this different

So many books rehash industry standards and repeat the same advice you have heard again and again. The Other Ideas does not.

This book stems from my experience as an industry professional and my time dedicated to researching ways to help peers (and myself!) level up. As a result, The Other Ideas is a practical guide to overcoming challenges and identifying opportunities. With short essays and engaging visuals, this book will encourage your own creative process while serving as a guidepost for personal growth.

Who this is for

The Other Ideas is a book for creators. Whether you're an entrepreneur, product manager, designer, marketer, or artist, The Other Ideas empowers you to find your own path for higher levels of creative thinking. If you have ever felt that uncertainty stands in your way to creating your best work, this book is for you.

Remember: You have the power to see the details of the world in a way that is different from anyone else. Learn how to use that power to innovate.


Yonatan Levy

Yonatan Levy has spent more than a decade as a front-runner in the worlds of technology and start-ups. As an entrepreneur, UX expert, product manager, and executive, he has led teams in industries ranging from e-commerce and financial services to social networks and cyber security and has built products used by tens of thousands of people.  Yonatan is the author of the #1 Amazon Bestseller The Other Ideas: Art, Tech Products, and the Creative Mind.