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Seeing opportunities in the world around us

Developing products in a reality where the resources are scarce and the schedule is crowded makes it difficult for us to take a step back to see the big picture. Sometimes the reality that is in itself much simpler and more natural than we are, and if we can look at reality as it really is, our way to building an innovative product with a winning user experience will be just around the corner.

In this talk your team will learn:

  • Why we must question everything, even our own perceptions
  • How to observe everyday reality actively and not passively
  • How to use observation techniques to see new opportunities and build a better product strategy

Collaborative problem solving

As our industry moves from pipeline production to continuous software deployment, we are forced to rethink the way we solve problems and take decisions. Collaborative problem solving in your organization is the core mechanism by which people connect towards a common goal. Problem solving must move to agile, I will teach you the model which redefines the nature of cooperation and dynamics between teams. 

In this talk your team will learn:

  • Why traditional decision making doesn’t create a culture innovation
  • How to structure your team's problem solving process to make better product decisions
  • How to incentivize your teams to do the most creative work they can