This site is a resource run personally by me, Yonatan, to teach you proven strategies for creative thinking and problem-solving.

Who is Yonatan Levy?

Entrepreneur, Product Leader, Researcher

I’ve spent more than twelve years as an entrepreneur, user experience researcher, product manager, and executive, where I’ve learned the techniques and hard won lessons I teach in creative thinking and problem solving.

Products I’ve built are used by tens of thousands of people in a range of industries from e-commerce and financial services to social networks and cyber security.

Yonatan’s first book reaches #1 amazon bestsellers. Published in 2017, The Other Ideas: Art, Digital Products, and the Creative Mind, reflects over two years of writing and dedication. I hope that my work will help others learn how to translate abstract thinking into measurable deliverables and breakthrough digital products. We have a huge opportunity in our hands: to create meaningful impact in the digital disruption age we live in. Even more than that, I hope my readers will use the principles in The Other Ideas to enrich their personal lives as well.

How does Yonatan know about this stuff?

I Learned about creative thinking and problem solving because I had to.

My introduction to creative thinking and problem-solving first began while I was a fine arts student, well before I entered the high-tech world. In art school, I continually faced creative challenges that were immensely time consuming and demanding. Short assignment deadlines often lit a fire under me, and having my work constantly (and relentlessly) critiqued by renowned contemporary artists only fueled those flames. For four long years, each of my artistic assignments was a “problem,” and I had to call on my own creativity to “solve” it.

By the time I graduated, I had figured out that traditional art was limiting my ability to reach large audiences quickly and independently. I wanted to explore a whole new canvas — the Internet — and was increasingly interested in the “new art” of delivering meaningful digital products and services into the hands of huge audiences. This led me to launch my first start-up company in 2007, which focused on detecting and analyzing online trends. That’s how I got into the tech world.

Why does Yonatan share this knowledge?

I’ve opened this website as a resource to help. I’m here to teach you proven strategies I’ve learned along the way. My passion is helping other professionals and creators supercharge their creative thinking and problem solving techniques. In my writing, speaking, advising and coaching I blend my multidisciplinary background in music theory and fine art as well as software and technology. Along with hard won lessons as a seasoned professionals on the hitech industry, my goal is to provide you with methods and tools to empower you to reach extraordinary achievements. 

How can YOU master creative problem solving?

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  5. Read The Other Ideas Book

<OLD notes, use only if needed>

My approach to achieving extraordinary results isn’t about laying out detailed strategic plans. It’s about action - flexibly harnessing obstacles, limitations and unknowns while constantly moving forward towards a desired vision. I believe to my core, that meaningful work is gained from the balance of having a clear vision for the long run while dealing with extreme uncertainty in the present. This is how I work and what I teach.