If you’d like to pick my brain or discuss a specific issue you are dealing with, you can book a 60 minute slot here. For example, we can cover things like:

  • How to get a team unstuck when solving a product problems and challenges
  • How to convert data, user tests and insights into features
  • How to structure a specific user flow 
  • How to plan and build a responsive product roadmap
  • How to implement more innovative thinking into your or your team's work
  • How to increase collaboration between product management, design and engineering
  • How to optimize product processes and information sharing between your teams 
  • Or any other topic you may have that’s keeping you or your team from thriving



Focusing on: Ideation, collaborative problem solving, product discovery, customer centricity.

Fun, interactive workshops for teams.  I’ll use lecture, discussion, case studies and hands-on practice to teach you how to deliver products and services customers love. 

Workshop formats range from half day to 2-day versions.




Signature keynote: Turning uncertainty into innovative power

In this talk your team will learn:

✔ How to overcome main issues around working in uncertain circumstances 

✔ Habits, tools, and processes for driving innovation through uncertainty

✔ Compare and contrast certain vs. uncertain approaches to creative work 

✔ Tips and advice to ensure the creative process does not lead to "familiar results", but delivers novel outcomes


Yonatan Levy

Hey! My name is Yonatan and I'm a Product Management leader based in Tel Aviv. Over the past decade I've built products for startups and enterprises in a wide range of industries - including e-commerce platforms, online marketplaces, social networks, messaging apps, and trading platforms - some of which are used by tens of thousands of people worldwide.

I often speak at conferences and summits about uncertainty as an accelerator for innovative thinking in our rapidly changing world. I also published a book about this topic titled The Other Ideas: Art, Digital Products, and the Creative Mind. I'm an experimenter and problem-solver by heart and soul, curiosity drives my work. I mentor startup founders and corporate professionals to thrive in uncertain conditions and build products that create an impact.