Yonatan Levy

Yonatan Levy is a Product Management leader, author, and speaker. He has built products that are used by tens of thousands of people in a wide range of industries including e-commerce, financial services, social networks, and messaging apps.

He is the author of The Other Ideas: Art, Tech Products, and the Creative Mind. Recently Yonatan co-founded STADS, the first online marketplace for sports advertising, reinventing the way advertisers and teams communicate and do business together.


What Yonatan Speaks About


Yonatan Levy speaks globally on the topics of creativityproblem solvinginnovation, and thinking differently—customizing his keynotes and workshops to audiences' challenges and backgrounds.

Yonatan customizes each engagement for industry and audience (e.g. managers vs. front-line employees) through professional experience and thought-provoking research, leaving people energized and with concrete ways to implement new ideas.


Turning uncertainty into innovative power

In a highly volatile tech landscape and an accelerating speed of business, we can never know all the variables. We often feel that uncertain circumstances stand in our way to fulfilling our creative potential. The real question is - how can we embrace uncertainty and use it to reach levels of creativity we never thought possible, especially when we are inherently wired to avoid it? 

Yonatan’s presentation and enthusiasm are extraordinary. He tackles the complex issue of uncertainty and converts it into actual methods to level up our creative thinking. The examples he gives from our daily lives illustrate the practical application of these methods. I highly recommend Yonatan as a guide in this field.

Becoming problem-finders, not problem-solvers

When facing a challenging problem, we often take immediate action towards solving it. But great innovators don’t just reactively solve problems, they actively look for meaningful problems that people care about. In this Jolt, we will learn how use problem-finding as a tool for innovation.

Yonatan presents uncertainty in a fresh, intriguing and stimulating manner, enabling an environment of listening and growth. Yonatan presents practical tools to enable anyone to leave the workshop with an insight into the future.

The art of critical thinking

Thinking. We do it all the time. We take decisions, compare and contrast, plan and prioritize, create, invent and what not.But what do we really know about the way we processes information? What drives our thinking? How much of our thinking is of good quality, and how much of it is foggy, irrational or false? Are we in control of our thinking at all? I believe that our thinking could be cultivated and worked upon just like a muscle, and that we can train ourselves to become even better thinkers and level up our performance.

Yonatan brings an open-minded and refreshing approach to the challenges we all encounter in our daily work. He invites the audience for an open conversation designed to embrace critical thinking as a creativity booster instead of fearing it or trying to avoid the uncertainty it brings. I hope every control freak manager will have an opportunity to hear his messages.

yonatan’s new book

Good thinking pays off

The Other Ideas: Art, Digital Products and the Creative Mind is a book for individuals who want to thrive in uncertain conditions, and reach higher levels of creative thinking. 


The Other Ideas isn’t a rehashing of industry standards or age-old advice. Rather, the pages in this book come from my own experiences as an industry professional, introspection and research. In each of my short essays, I open a discussion designed to accelerate personal ingenuity, incubate innovation, and harness the ever-changing landscape that we live in.

If this sounds like you, I hope you will join and help this knowledge spread. 


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