Can you walk the line between risk and creation?

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My approach to getting the results you want isn’t a detailed strategic plan. It’s action.

I believe meaningful work is gained from the lethal combination of long-term vision and the ability to manage uncertainty. 

For the last decade, I’ve learned to harness obstacles and leverage the unknown through my work as an entrepreneur, user experience researcher, and product manager. My hard-won lessons serve as the foundation for my teachings and workshops, and I take pride in helping others turn abstract concepts into real-world products. 

My name is Yonatan. I’m here to supercharge your creative powers.

Does it really work?

My introduction to this way of thinking began long before I entered tech. I was a fine arts student tackling creative projects and had lean time constraints to solve problems. Having my work relentlessly critiqued by renowned artists fueled my desire to do and be better, and I learned to use what resources I had to find quick solutions. When I launched my first start up in 2007, I became fascinated with the ability to use methodologies rooted in art to launch tech products and reach audiences around the world. 

I now use this unique multidisciplinary approach to help clients reach achievements above and beyond their initial goals.

Yes, you can master problem solving. 

We have a huge opportunity: To build and create meaningful impact. That’s why I wrote The Other Ideas: Art, Digital Products, and the Creative Mind, a #1 Amazon Best Seller, to encourage colleagues and friends to take advantage of the place and time we are in and make projects work.  

I’d love for you to experience some of the methods and tools I teach. Here are a few ways you can start: