Become the greatest problem-solver you can be


Learn the revolutionary Problem Hacking™ system by Yonatan Levy, to create impact and achieve success


Benefits of the Problem Hacking™ method


Analyze problems

Learn how to approach complicated problems methodically.


Build alignement

Learn how to lead teams towards collaborative problem-solving efforts.


Create impact

Learn how to find effective to make the change you want.


Problem solvers have power

Professionals who approach problems skilfully are in high demand and get paid more. 

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Discover the Problem Hacking™ Toolkit


Gain competitive edge and start creating your impact today!




Everything you need to lead your team towards effective solutions


Step-by-step guide to master problems at work, with personalized guidance from master trainer Yonatan Levy.


Hands-on exercises using real industry scenarios.


Visual tools to tackle uncertain situations with ease, such a the Problem Hacking Canvas.


Overcome the unseen forces that stand in the way of worthwhile brainstorming sessions.


Guided questions to lead teams, and yourself, towards problem-solving insight.


Ongoing assistance and support so that you can confidently apply Problem Hacking to your own work.


We’ve trained hundreds of people from leading companies worldwide


Feedback from our students

Get Problem Hacking training


Online Training

Our Problem Hacking™ online training is hands-on and practical.

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Live Workshops

Our Problem Hacking™ workshops are intensive, dynamic, and fun. 

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We coach managers and product leaders worldwide on how to lead their teams towards effective solutions.

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Who’s it for?


For you

Elon Musk once said, “We get paid in direct proportion to the difficulty of the problems that we solve.”

Are you living up to your earning potential? If you want to sharpen your value proposition, Problem Hacking could be the shift you need to revolutionize how you think about solutions.

This course is for:

  • Entrepreneurs and executives

  • Product managers

  • User experience and design professionals

  • Anyone who wants to create real world impact


For your organization

Problem Hacking is the essential blueprint to create impact. It’s a series of tools that enhance collaborative problem-solving efforts and align:

  • Stakeholders

  • Managers and executives

  • Multidisciplinary teams

If you participate in or facilitate brainstorming and other kinds of problem-solving sessions, this training can help you maximize time, capitalize energy, and fulfill potential.

On-site and remote training programs available, customized for organizational needs.


“Once you truly understand your problem, the perfect solutions will present themselves. Like magic.”

— Yonatan Levy, Designer of the Problem Hacking™ method


Designed by product expert, Yonatan Levy

Yonatan Levy has spent over a decade as a front-runner in the technology and start-up industries. As an entrepreneur, UX expert, product manager, and executive, Yonatan knows what it’s like to feel overworked and frustrated.

After years of experience, Yonatan developed a problem-solving system that allowed him to lead effective problem solving meetings and create lasting impact. This method enabled him to:

  • Work with international companies and startups in industries ranging from e-commerce, financial services, social networks, and cyber security

  • Advise CEOs, executives, managers, and entrepreneurs

  • Build and launch products used by tens of thousands of people

  • Present global keynotes on innovation, creative thinking, and problem-solving

  • Motivate people to reach extraordinary achievements --- and enjoy the journey along the way

With Problem Hacking, Yonatan Levy breaks down the tools and thinking patterns that have helped professionals around the world reinvent products and create the impact they want.