Creative thinking, problem solving, and innovation

With practical knowledge and real-world experiences, Yonatan leaves people energized and with concrete ways to implement new ideas.


Based on the #1 Amazon Bestseller, The Other Ideas

Based on the #1 Amazon Bestseller, The Other Ideas


Shift uncertainty to creative thinking

In the fast worlds of business and tech, it is impossible to understand all variables at any given time. Yet learning how to view the dynamics of change can spark creative potential. Though many view uncertain situations as obstacles for creative change, Yonathan will guide you on the path to embrace uncertainty as a tool and reach higher levels of innovation and thought.  

Learn how to

  • Overcome reluctance to uncertain work environments

  • Compare and contrast different approaches to the creative process

  • Navigate your creative skills to produce novel work

  • Harness daily habits and mindful strategies to drive innovative power

Yonatan creates a personal connection with his audience and guides them through a deep and meaningful process. As one of our top rated presenters, Yonatan is consistently dedicated to high quality and innovative content.
— Anaelle goldberg, success manager at Jolt.io
Yonatan’s presentation and enthusiasm are extraordinary. He tackles the complex issue of uncertainty and converts it into actual methods we can use. The examples he gave helped me put his advice into practice and level up my creative thinking.
I’ve been seeing our students coming out of the session with hearts in their eyes - wowed after another session with the master of creative thinking and solutions. It’s the combination of his professional approach, seriousness, consistency and always a smile that made Yonatan loved and popular in all of our campuses.
— Moriel Ben Israel, Team Lead & Content Operations at Jolt.io


workshops & masterclasses

Problem Hacking™

A Counterintuitive Approach to Finding Effective Solutions

Is your work creating the impact you want? Or do you feel overworked and frustrated, wondering how you can build a bridge from simply generating output to creating lasting impact? During this workshop, discover which tools can help you avoid common mistakes in decision-making processes. Using tested methodology, Yonatan helps teams sidestep pitfalls and identify the fastest, most effective routes of action.

Learn how to

  • Approach problems systematically

  • Lead teams through effective problem-solving sessions

  • Increase your level of impact

  • Replace stale workflows with an approach that maximizes time and results 

Yonatan speaks in a fresh, intriguing manner and creates a a safe environment that promotes listening and growth. His practical tools gave our workshop attendees insight into better, more efficient creative strategies.
Yonatan brings an open-minded, refreshing approach to the challenges we encounter at work. He engages audiences in open discussions that encourage critical thinking. A must for every ‘control freak’!

About Yonatan Levy

Yonatan Levy has spent more than a decade as a front-runner in the worlds of technology and start-ups. As an entrepreneur, UX expert, product manager, and executive, he has led teams in industries ranging from e-commerce and financial services to social networks and cyber security and has built products used by tens of thousands of people.

Yonatan's profound understanding of problem-solving and creative processes has made him a highly sought-after trainer of executives and professional teams. He is frequently featured as a keynote speaker at conferences and other tech related events around the world. Yonatan is the author of the #1 Amazon Bestseller The Other Ideas: Art, Digital Products, and the Creative Mind.

The interesting stuff happens when you start to move into the unknown.
— Yonatan Levy

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